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Level Funded Plus™ is powered by Great American—a Fortune 500 company that's been in the insurance business for over 150 years.

Since 1872, Great American Insurance has provided property and casualty insurance, focusing on specialty commercial products for businesses.

Radion Health is the exclusive managing general agent for Level Funded Plus with policies underwritten by Great American Insurance Company, rated “A+” Superior by AM Best.

How does level funding differ from a traditional self funded health plan?

Let’s compare.

Traditional Self Funded Model

A traditional self funded plan is an insurance arrangement for employer-sponsored coverage where the employer funds and administers all medical claims, typically with the help of a third-party administrator (TPA).

With a traditional self funded approach, an employer group may experience significant variation in spending from month to month due to shifts in healthcare utilization.

Employers assume this financial risk to achieve greater control over their plan design and cost containment strategies.

Level Funded Model

Level funding is a form of self funding, but instead of spending varying monthly, employers pay a predetermined amount to carriers who manage the plan, including claim handling, stop-loss insurance, and administration fees.

Level funding offers some of the independence and potential savings associated with self-funding without the variations in spending or administrative lift associated with traditional self funding arrangements.

For groups accustomed to fully insured health plans, level funding can be a great transition to self funding.

Simple plans that put more savings back into your groups’ pockets

Our level funded plans:
  • Offer the opportunity for your groups to save money and gain control of their health plan data
  • Can be a great option for groups as small as 10 enrolled employees
  • Give a full return of claims fund surplus for all groups
  • Incorporate transparent PBMs and credit drug rebates to each group’s claims fund

No IHQs or Claims Data Required

We use an underwriting process that focuses on the individual—not categorical data.

Quick & Easy RFP Process

No tedious questionnaires. Answer a handful of questions and expect a quote in 0-3 days.

Expanded Provider Access

Give your groups the savings they deserve with access to high-performance local networks as well as RBP.

Transparent PBMs

We credit all received drug rebates and price concessions to each group's claims fund.

The ability to confidently quote a level funded plan with independent third party administrators and PBMs and no IMQs is a game changer. To hear from our team that they love the installation process and communication with Radion is life changing!
– Ted Dixon, CEO Dixon Associates

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