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Our Purpose

At Radion Health, we make it easy for small groups to offer awesome, affordable health insurance. We believe that the status quo in group health insurance is unacceptable with both employers and employees suffering the consequences.

Our core values

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We are building a transformative company, and transformation requires creativity and risk-taking. To succeed, we must have a bias toward action and a willingness to question established practices.

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Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to the highest quality in all aspects of our organization. We strive for excellence in our products as well as the experience for brokers, employers, and members alike. We demand the same from all of our partners.

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We acknowledge that we don't have all of the answers and take a proactive approach to growth as both individuals and a team. We attack each day with an open mindset and commitment to ask questions, seek input from others, and collaborate to find new solutions to old problems.

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We hold ourselves accountable and honor our commitments. We acknowledge our mistakes, learn from them, and make them right.

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We reject all forms of bigotry, racism, and discrimination. All of our stakeholders - whether customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, or otherwise - are people first; we treat them with the respect and dignity that all people deserve.